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Freelancing vs Full-time Job: Pros and Cons

Freelancing Vs Job? This is the most posed inquiry. What to pick? Everything relies upon your own needs, Goals and abilities. The decision can be diverse for various individuals. So in this article we will talk about Pros and Cons of Freelancing and Full Time work so it will be a simple decision for you as per your way of life.

The vast majority of you who are exhausted from your 9 to 5 employment, You will straight away say that freelancing is acceptable. Be that as it may, it looks great from outside world. At the point when you enter in the realm of freelancing, You understand that it isn’t that much simple at it looks. So freelancing isn’t for everybody..

So now lets compare the full-time job with freelancing so you will get the idea about freelancing vs job competetion.


The Full-Time Job

As its name indicates that full time job means you are giving your full time to your boss, company or employer.  Full time employee works 8 hours a day and 40+ hours a week.  It is something which is really difficult.

As its name shows that full time job implies you are giving your full time to your chief, organization or business. Full time representative works 8 hours per day and 40+ hours  a week. It is something which is extremely troublesome.

So lets take a look at some advantages of full- time job


Advantages of Full time job

  1. Consistent and fixed income

The very first advantage of full time job is that you will be getting a good amount of income permanently and you won’t need to stress over the abatement and increment in business. You will be receiving your fixed amount regularly.

  • Other Advantages

You may have some other advantages like health care, free clinical administrations, free travel and endowments like cell phone or laptop if you are working in a famous or renowned company.

  • Environment

Company will provide you a professional environment You will have all the offices to work in a decent domain. You will have others to give you an inviting climate and they will help you at whatever point you stuck some place.

  • Career

There will be opportunities to develop and get the advancements, You will meet the individuals and it will construct the solid social relations.

Disadvantages of full time job

  1. Time Flexibility

You won’t have time adaptability in all day work, You should labor for 7-8 hours every day. You can’t take breaks. Your activity will resemble “Butt in seat”.

  • Travel

You will have to travel to the workplace.  It takes time, cost and energy to travel in local transport and reach the office. It very well may be irritating more often than not. .

  • Boring

Your activity can be unsurprising and same constantly. Rehashing same action regular can make you bore. You won’t learn new things and abilities.

  • No hobbies

All day occupation can make you tired. You won’t discover any time for yourself. At whatever point you will return from office, You will be worn out and you will be searching for a bed to rest. You may not meet your companions, Don’t get time for your body wellness and different things. So it harms.


As freelancer you are not answerable to a boss or a company. You may have some permanent clients but you don’t have to justify anything to anyone.

Advantages of Freelancing

  1. You are the boss

Primary favorable position of freelancing  is that “You are the manager of your own”. You can take choices that when you need to take break, when you are prepared to work. What job to take and what to be denied. Nobody can impact your choices.

  • Remote Location

Another significant bit of leeway of freelancing  is the remote area work. You can work from your home, park or you can work during voyaging. You simply need your PC and Internet.

  • Different Work

In outsourcing you will communicate with various customers and you will be confronted with various sort of difficulties. You will learn new aptitudes and better approaches to play out an undertaking. It will be fascinating for anybody

Disadvantages of Freelancing

  1. Inconsistent income

The fundamental impediment of outsourcing is the irregularity in salary. You may have parcel of work in one month yet you may not discover enough work in one month from now No leaves

  • Leaves

You can’t get the leave on the off chance that you are wiped out. For instance in the event that you are wiped out, You can take rest yet you won’t be paid for those days. Or on the other hand on the off chance that you are working for any customer, He may pick another person in the event that you are not accessible.

This was a small overview of Freelancing vs job. You can share your point of view in comments.

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