How to grow faster on youtube 2020 tips

Grow faster on youtube, Here are some tips and tricks

Hi, Do you have a youtube channel?

Are you making regular youtube videos?

Are you not getting enough views on youtube? Do you know how to grow faster on youtube?

Don’t worry, In this article we will explain that how you can grow faster on youtube and earn a good traffic to your youtube channel.


So let’s start.

  1. Unique content

First step is creating the video. Whenever you choose a topic to create a video for YouTube. You must make sure that you are going to give a unique content. If your content will be unique, There are more chances that your video will get more traffic than others. But if you are making a video on a topic, on which a lot of videos already exist. Then why would someone will watch yours? Keep this thing in mind.

  • Uploading Regularly

2nd step to grow faster on youtube is regular content. If you are posting videos once in a blue moon.  Then your channel is not going to get viral. If you want youtube to suggest your videos to others on regular basis. Then you will have to upload regularly. Atleast thrice in a week if not daily.

  • SEO and keyword research

Once video is uploaded, before publishing make sure that you are writing a good SEO optimized title and description using best keywords. First analyse and research the keywords according to your video’s topic and then choose a best possible title. Use your keywords in your description. This will help you to rank higher in search results.

  • Eye Catching Thumbnails

Your video is published, A user searched for a topic and your video pop-up in search results. Now What? How you can convince a user to click on your video when other choices are also available? This is where thumbnail can play a vital role. Design a thumbnail which force user to click on your video.

Make sure to add End screen and Links of your other videos in the description. It will help you a lot in growing on youtube.

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