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Hospital beds turn into coffins -Coronavirus

The whole world is busy in their routines no one even imagines that suddenly, a virus comes in our lives and destroys lives. A virus named as a coronavirus (COVID-19) come in our lives at the end of 2019. Started from Wuhan, the city of China and now spread worldwide. There is a difficult time for the world to deal with. The world is supposed to be restricted.

Coronavirus occurred as world pandemic and fixed claws in the world. There is no proper vaccine and research about coronavirus. No one knows what will happen next. To avoid the spread of coronavirus governments are supposed to imposed lockdown worldwide. All people are supposed to follow safety measures such as the use of gloves, mask, sanitizers and social distancing, etc.

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People are bound to their homes. Jobs, education, business, and other things are closed. People not only fight with coronavirus but also with lots of restrictions. Due to all the mess of coronavirus, countries face many issues like shortage of food for those people who are jobless; people face difficulties as bound in homes and cannot meet their daily needs. Poor people are not able to pay for coffins for their loved ones. And there is a shortage of everything worldwide.

The government faces an economic crisis and increase in the number of jobless people, increase in poverty, shortage of food and useful things, and most important shortage of medical equipment to deal with coronaviruses such as masks, safety equipment, and shortage of hospital beds and coffins. Due to the rapid increase in the number of coronavirus patients, worldwide many countries face a shortage of hospital beds and coffins for coronavirus patients.

To overcome the shortage of hospital beds and coffins and to help poor people, a Colombian advertising company comes into the ground. A Colombian company works to help the world amid coronavirus. Colombian advertising company works on how hospital bed turns into the coffin after the death of the patient.

Colombian advertising company created a cardboard bed and uses a metal railing. Designers of the bed said that this hospital bed will turn into the coffin after the death of the patient. This will help to overcome the shortage of hospital beds and coffins and fulfil security measures.

The manager of the Colombian company Rodolfo Gomez said he was inspired to find a way to help others after watching that poor family cannot pay for coffins and other expenses. He plans to donate 10 of his new bed to Colombia’s Amazonas department, where resources face a shortage. He added that there is no indication whether the beds will be used or not. And no orders have been placed yet.

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