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PM Imran Khan blames India for Karachi Stock exchange attack

Imran khan blames india? In the wake of getting the budget endorsement from national Assembly, Pakistan’s Prime minister Imran Khan glanced in aggressive mode. He censured the opposition heads and India with solid words.

While talking on the floor of national assembly, The PM Imran khan said that we don’t have any uncertainty that India is engaged with assault on Karachi Stock Exchange on Monday.

Prime minister Imran khan clarified that there were 4 endeavors and plans of fear mongering in various parts of Pakistan yet the law enforcement agencies effectively tackle them. He additionally said that the assault on Karachi stock trade was like the Mumbai Attacks.

Imran Khan blames India

He likewise lauded the cops and security guardswho battled with the attackers and killed them. Pm Imran khan paid tribute to the three security guards who yielded their lives while battling with fear mongers.

Entire Pakistani social media was applauding their Pm when PM Imran khan reprimanded india for Karachi stock exchange experience.

At whatever point Imran khan reprimands India for anything, Indian media got distraught. They reprimanded Imran and named him as “LIAR”.

Pm Imran khan additionally criticized opposition leader Khajwa Asif, Pm Imran khan said that khawaja asif and PMLN are not liberal. They are liberally corrupt. He likewise censured Bilawal Bhutto by doing his mimicry “Jab Barish Ata hai To Pani Ata hai” and there were enormous chuckles at the national assembly floor.

Toward the End PM Khan expressed gratitude toward all the Parties MNA on the approval of Budget 2020-2021. He expressed that the creation of financial plan was extremely troublesome as we are experiencing tremendous monetary emergency and worldwide pandemic like Covid 19.

He said that due to Covid 19, our economy is going down and we can’t force a full lockdown, Even world is following our lockdown technique of smart lockdown. I was criticized gravely on not executing the lockdown however time is demonstrating that I was correct. He further included.

So what you think, When Imran khan blames india for Karachi stock exchange attack, Is he right?

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