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Personal information that studmatic may collect:

Our website may collect the following information about you:

Direct information: This may include name, email address, address, etc.

Indirect information:  we may automatically collect information about you such as IP address, mobile device ID, location, and operating system etc. We may collect information about links shared through email or social media accounts.

Aggregated data: we aggregate datawe collect, such as how many times you visit our website. We may share aggregated data with our ad partners and service providers to improve and develop our services. If we combine data of all users, we treat it as personal data and deal according to the privacy policy.

Keeping your data secure: we will use technical techniques to secure your data. We would take solid steps to secure your data in any case. We will use all reasonable efforts to secure your data but the use of the internet is not entirely secure and we cannot guarantee the security of data shared through the internet. We will inform you about any data breach required under the applicable law at that time.

Your legal rights:

Following are your legal rights:

  • Right to access data.
  • Right to request a correction.
  • Right to request removal of personal data.
  • Right to request the transfer of personal data.

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