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PTA Temporarily ban PUBG in Pakistan after LHC

PTA, The Pakistan telecommunication authority has temporarily ban PUBG  in Pakistan. PUBG is an online popular game where millions of player from all over the world compete each other.  Pakistan Banned PUBG by saying that it is addictive and dangerous to health as it increases the stress and anxiety.

PTA officials say that they have received lot of complaints about this online game, Where most of the parents are complaining that their children are wasting time on this game and they are ignoring their studies.

Parents also complaint that their children are facing serious health issues after being so addictive to PUBG. But these  complaints were not taken seriously by authorities until 3 cases of suicide reported in Pakistan because of this PUBG game.

ban pubg in pakistan

According to the reports of national media, 3 children committed suicide when their parents stopped them from playing this game. After those cases, Some one filed a petition in Lahore high court to ban Pubg in Pakistan. Lahore high court transferred this matter to PTA and asked them to take the final decision. While PTA has temporarily suspended the pubg in Pakistan and asked the people to give feedback whether it should be banned or not.

People can give feedback till 9th of july 2020 and final verdict is expected on 10th of july 2020.

If you want to give feedback to PTA about PUBG game, You can send your suggestions to PTA on this email

After this decision by Pakistan telecommunication authority, This news became the top trend on twitter and hashtag PUBG #PUBG was trending at number 1 in Pakistan’s twitter community.

Most of the teenagers where demanding to unban pubg in Pakistan, they say that there is too much stress of studies so pubg is the way to relase the stress for them. But most of the parents on twitter were calling it a right decision.


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