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TikTok vs YouTube – Carryminati started a war

TikTok VS YouTube is now the world’s trending topic. A war between YouTubers and tiktoker’s grasp the attention of the internet. This war is about content, creativity, and hard work. TikTok is the platform where people upload their videos of a few seconds. To make a video is easy as you only require a mobile and you can make TikTok and add creativity, animations and effects easily by one click.  On the other side, YouTube is a platform where people make YouTube channels and upload videos according to their interest. YouTube is a little hard to work because there is a need for software and equipment to make a perfect video.

The controversy began when a popular young Youtuber CarryMinati makes a roasting on a tictoker Amir Siddique. Amir Siddique said that he is not afraid of any kind of roasting, rather he will enjoy the roasting on own self. After all this, CarryMinati works hard to find all the data about Amir Siddique. He searches for everything about Amir Siddique. After the hard work, CarryMinati publishes a video named as Tictok vs. YouTube on his YouTube channel. After uploading tictok vs. YouTube video, this video reaches a large number of views and become popular on every social media platform.


But with time the video of CarryMinati tik tok vs. YouTube was removed from YouTube after the controversy starts increasing. The controversy turns into a war between YouTubers and tiktokers. Tiktokers said that they are best because they make content with creativity which will be used by YouTubers next. And YouTubers said that they work hard for day and night and make a good quality video with hard work and struggle. YouTubers use different equipment and software to make 1 single post. So that’s the controversy between tiktokers and YouTubers.

By removing video tik tok vs. YouTube from the social media platform, the followers of CarryMinati starts making trend about Carryminati and ask for to give back the video of CarryMinati and many more. The war cover both social media platforms and many people jump into it to support their favorite social media platforms. Everyone gives their opinions and supports their platforms. After all the controversy and removal of the video, CarryMinati breaks his silence and speaks out. In his new video on Instagram, he speaks that “always he wanted to make people happy and entertained them. I start making videos when I was 10 years old and continue it. It is very hard to believe and accept the removal of such a popular video and it will be banned and never restored. I am very disappointed after not getting enough answers to my questions. But I must say that thank you all of you for such great support and love”.

After all of the controversy, the rating of popular social media platform tik tok is decreased. The rating decreased from 4.6 to 3.8. And still, the war is continuing and there may be no end as soon as possible. What all you think about what is right and what is wrong. Comment your answer.

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