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Pakistani youtubers reaction on youtube ban in Pakistan

Youtube ban in Pakistan

During a hearing of a case of a man Shoukat Ali, Supreme court of Pakistan gave a hint about banning Youtube in Pakistan. After this news, there was panic in Pakistan. Pakistan’s YouTube community began to vent its anger against him

During the hearing of a case, the Justice   Qazi Muhammad Amin started talking about controlling social media. During the same debate, the Justice  Qazi Muhammad Amin  hinted at banning YouTube.

During the hearing of the case, the judge said that videos against the judiciary and the army are being made on social media and YouTube.

“Can the PTA remove this material?” He asked.

“We cannot remove any content,” PTA officials said.

  The judge said that we can ban YouTube.The judge asked if anyone could make an anti-US video on    YouTube. Can’t make , But videos are made against Pakistani institutions

 Justice Alam said that if YouTube is banned in many countries, then we can also impose it

With these remarks, the Supreme Court issued notices to the Attorney General and the Foreign Minister to look into the matter.

That was the detail of the news, now let’s look at the facts


It has been said that YouTube is banned in many countries but in reality there are only 3 to 4 countries where YouTube is banned. Including China.

Remember that PubG game has been banned in Pakistan recently and now there is a possibility of ban on Tik Tak and YouTube.

The Pakistani YouTube community has expressed its concerns.

Raza Samo Reaction on youtube ban in Pakistan

Famous roster Raza Samo said in a video on his channel Khujlee Family that if YouTube was banned in Pakistan, many people’s dreams would be shattered….

Irfan Junejo reaction on youtube ban in Pakistan

“You can’t create a digital Pakistan by banning things,” said Irfan Junejo, a well-known villager.

Irfan said that if ban is the only solution then ban internet in Pakistan. So that the root of trouble may be uprooted

Danial sheikh of Karachi vines reaction on youtube ban in Pakistan

Daniel Sheikh of Karachi vines said that if YouTube was banned, what would you do to replace this  400 million dollars industry?

What kind of job would you give to a girl who runs her own business on YouTube?

What alternative would you give to a mother who teaches her children by learning from YouTube?

Waqar Zaka reaction on youtube ban in Pakistan

Waqar Zaka has said that all Pakistani YouTube community should prepare for sit-in at D-Chowk.

He added that he would bring PayPal and other items to Pakistan with him

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